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    Urban Vampires
    Well even though the vampires were more typical for the fiction from the nineteenth century, but there were many books and movies lately, that have brought back this trend. But what about the question are vampires real? Are there some vampires walking around us? Well Helen and Gary are two of them. do they seem real enough for you?!

    As we said, Helen and Gary are vampires from today. They are two of the rare animals that live in the city. However, that doesn't mean that they walk all through the city just like that. Every night, when everyone falls asleep, Helen and Gary start their search for the objects they need to survive.

    You have probably heard that vampires hide during the day and during the night Helen and Gary look for the objects that will help them survive during the day while they are locked in their home. Check out this vampire saga and learn something more about today's vampires. We believe that you will find this adventure very interesting and enjoy your night with the vampires.


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    Urban Vampires

    Genres: Scary
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    Published on: 30.04.2020
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