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    Servant of God
    Elise is one of the closest assistants of the God Viteus. He is a very mighty God but he still needs to have a group of servants that would help him complete his job successfully. The God Viteus and Elise, together with the other assistants live on a very high place. They live on the pick of the highest mountain in the world and they observe the whole world from that spot, making interventions when they have to.

    Few days ago, a group of soldiers - knights have managed to steal the famous shoes with wings that give power for flying. Those shoes give this incredible power and until now they have been used for doing good things. The God has sent Elise on a mission, and her mission is to bring back those magical shoes where they belong.

    Elise starts her mission right away but she is rather scared and concerned about the whole situation. The reason for that is that if the knights find out how they could use those shoes, the whole humanity will be in danger. The thing the concerns Elise is that they will use the shoes for evil aims, not for something good. That’s why Elise has to react very fast and do something as soon as possible, before those evil knights take things under their control and make some bigger damages.


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    Servant of God

    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
    Played: 69,362
    Published on: 05.10.2017
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    keibre (1 year ago):
    Great game!
    jean (2 years ago):
    bobby1 (3 years ago):
    nice new game thank you
    BluAngel (3 years ago):
    I loved this new game. Thanks. 9-2017

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