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    Diamond Village
    Usually there are small towns or villages near the mines. That way it is easier for the people who work there and even though those places may not be made intentionally, they develop with time, as the workers bring their families with them. And there is not much in those places, usually the as much as it's necessary for the miners and their families to live normal and suitable life. Here we are talking about the diamond village and why it is called like that, we will see very soon.

    Namely Gloria has arrived in the small mining village that has been abandoned for few years. This village was created by the miners themselves, the ones that worked in the mine with diamonds, located near the village. When the mine stopped working, all the citizens of the village have left the place.

    However, Gloria is here at the village because she knows that the miners that worked here have found six big and rare, at the same time very valuable diamonds. She supposes that those diamonds are left in the village so she is here at the moment, looking for those six diamonds. Let's see together how does a mining village look like and what is hiding in this place. Is it true that those miners have left everything behind them as they left the village or it's just about rumors? We will take a look and maybe we will really be the ones that will find the six precious diamonds.


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    Diamond Village

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    Published on: 25.11.2017
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