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    The Old Mill
    Arcadia lives in one small but very beautiful village. Like it is usually with those small places, the whole existence of the village depends from the work of the old mill, where the people who live in the village grind flour.The life in this village is rather calm and peaceful but near the village lives the evil witch Ala.

    Before one month, Ala has changed the flow of the river and made the mill useless. That was a horrible thing to be done because the whole life there changed, stopped. Looking for a way how to deal the whole situation, Arcadia's co-villagers have chosen exactly her to face Ala and bring back the flow of the river. That's how the mill could continue functioning and everything will turn to normal for the people there.

    Let's be useful and help Arcadia and all people who live there to face the evil witch. That way the villagers will have their mill again and they will continue their life.


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    The Old Mill

    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
    Played: 97,110
    Published on: 29.11.2017
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    keibre (2 years ago):

    jackfrost (3 years ago):
    bobby1 (5 years ago):
    very good game
    admin (5 years ago):
    Hi to All,
    Please when you have any loading issue just write your Operating System and browser so we can identify possible bug or ad that blocks game.
    - Please write like example: I'm using Firefox (Chrome or Edge(IE)) on Windows 7.  
    hayu (5 years ago):
    Yesterdays had this problem and now todays. I don't know what this is but I am sick and tired of it. Looks like to me is another way to put a commercial in. Always the commercial works put the game doesn't.
    clatino1 (5 years ago):
    Stops working while loading "game assets". Enlargement button doesn't work either.
    BluAngel (5 years ago):
    Is game assets something new? This game isn't working either. Please fix these. Sad

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