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    The Evil Prince
    Few years ago Antonio was a mighty prince. By mighty prince we think an evil prince and everyone was scared from him, because he was broadly known for his cruelty. That's why the people who live in his kingdom have prepared a curse, using the help of the old witch. With the help of this curse, the evil prince Antonio has turned into an ugly vampire that goes out from his house only in the late hours.

    It seems that this punishment is too much even for the most evil people, so Antonio is very desperate at this moment. He regrets about his evil acts and he likes to be a human again, to have the life he had before.Maybe you think that Antonio doesn't deserve to have his old life but let's give him a second chance and let's see if he will use it.

    If he doesn't we are sure that his citizens and the old witch will find another way to punish him once again. But now let's help Antonio break the curse and find all the objects that are hidden by the old witch. That is the task the she gives him in order to make him a human again. We are sure that he has learned his lesson and he won't be the evil person he was before.


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    The Evil Prince

    Genres: Scary
    Played: 65,927
    Published on: 25.02.2018
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