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    Dangerous Quest
    Nature is beautiful, nature is divine, and she is her Majesty – bigger than all of us together. Don't even think that you can defeat her or act like you are greater than her. Everyone who has tried to do that actually ends up not so good. We need to respect nature's rules, what she says and not act like we are bigger than her.

    For people who spend more time out there up on the mountains, they know how to act, what to do. Because one small mistake can put you in a weird and dangerous situation. Simply, one should not play with nature. If you are going up on the mountains, you would surely need good equipment for that. One should never make a compromise with such a thing.

    Gerald is put on a dangerous task. He wants to pass through one of the most dangerous woods in the country. His passion for the mountains and climbing has put him into very dangerous missions. If he wants to succeed in this dangerous mission, Gerald will have to find the objects that will help him survive in these difficult conditions.


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    Dangerous Quest

    Genres: Adventure
    Played: 46,724
    Published on: 04.03.2019
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