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    Cruel Mountain
    In the modern times it seems like we have forgotten to spend more time out there, in the nature. Faced with everyday life which is full of technologies, obligations, nervous, stress, we have made such a big distance with nature. And simply, we forgot that we are actually part of it, not something outside of it.

    Every scientific research on this topics says that nature can heal our problems, can help us feel better, that it takes at least one hour for us to spend outside in a wood, on a mountain, in park to actually start feeling better and prolong our lives. And why not start doing this today.

    Of course, there are some of us that don’t need to be reminded about going out there on the high mountains. Adam, our star for today is actually a passionate mountain lover who today decides to climb one of the most dangerous mountains in his country. He wants to sleep there. This mountain is also known for its bad weather conditions, but for the big number of bears. Now, Adam should prepare the place he is going to sleep.


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    Cruel Mountain

    Genres: Adventure
    Played: 39,543
    Published on: 24.05.2019
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    19racerlady (1 year ago):
    Nice graphics, thanks guys..
    mabby (1 year ago):
    Those landscapes! pure beauty! thanks hf.
    emiargentina (1 year ago):
    muy facil!! y alguna renovacion?? seria lindo
    BluAngel (1 year ago):

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