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    Secret Shelter
    It is hard to enter into criminal's mind, that is for sure. Otherwise, it would be so easy to find them, to catch them or find their secret shelter, or the place where they hide their loot... That's why the police need some time to figure out who is responsible for something, after collecting valuable evidences and following traces. Nothing should be left to chance!

    Megan is in a search of the secret shelter of a group of bank robbers. She is searching for years, for those dozens golden bars and the place where they could be hidden. She could not figure out where is the gold but now finally Megan has managed to find a trace of the robbers. She is almost sure where is that secret shelter, and she could prove her suspicions only if she finds out enough evidences.

    Let's take a look of the place together, and help Megan what she needs for catching the criminals. This way we will prove that the justice is bigger than any crime and everyone that has a courage to do something bad, will be caught sooner or later.


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    Secret Shelter

    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 32,322
    Published on: 05.01.2020
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    jackfrost (1 year ago):
    19racerlady (1 year ago):
    This game has 3 scenes that are mis-marked. They ask you spot the differences when they MEAN find the same items.
    Bartender (1 year ago):
    The game at the end of this is way to easy, quick and boring. If you replaced it with the bubble shooter game it would be great. The bubble shooter game and Zuma  the best you have.
    BluAngel (1 year ago):

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