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    Last Looks
    You watch a movie and you wonder how could everything be that perfect! The actors look amazing, completely adapted to their role. The scenography completely captures another time or a specific place, presenting everything like it is real. But behind the scenes, behind all of that, the professionals invest so much time and energy, to make things look perfect - that is the truth.
    Charles is in the film industry and he knows how things work in that field. He is a director who works on his latest movie. Even though professionals are working in every field, before the shooting starts, Charles has to check upon his actors and see if the sets are all prepared as they should be.
    He is the one that gives the green light about everything, always thinking about the 'whole picture.' Now, since we are talking about professional production, the studio is quite large.
    Charles doesn't have a lot of time before the recording begins for checking out the things. Let's help Charles confirm if everything is set perfectly so that he can start with tonight's takes.


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    Last Looks

    Genres: Cleaning
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    Published on: 25.06.2021
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