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    Fantasy journey
    Well, when it comes to the world of fantasy, for us it is a place where we go when we are reading fantasy book or watching a fantasy movie. But for the wizard Udor and his daughter Ikora, it is a part of their unusual journey. The two of them visit the land of fantasy for the first time.
    In this land of fantasy, nothing is same as they know from the world where they come from. But actually, that is the challenge- to see and learn something new. The wizard Udor and his daughter Ikora are here, in the land of fantasy, to search the land. They hope that they will find some interesting things and objects, something they don’t have in their own land.
    We could do the same thing as the wizard and his daughter- to explore the fantasy land and learn something more about it. This will be our special journey, so let’s start right away and see what will happen when we get there. Is there a way to see something similar to our land or it will be completely different? We are about to see, so let’s start right away.


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    Fantasy journey

    Genres: Mystery
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    Published on: 16.07.2021
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