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    Midnight sorcery
    What can make you a wizard or a sorceress? A lot of practice, that's for sure. Just imagine how many tricks you should learn, how many secret recipes, and who knows what else. Of course, you should have a talent for that and an interest, and after that, success is guaranteed. But there is still one more thing needed and what is that, we will find out right now.
    Laura is a sorceress and she knows her job very well. One day, she finds out that in the abandoned castle, located in the kingdom where she lives, there is something suspicious happening. Namely, once in the year, this castle becomes a place where at midnight appear the spirits of the greatest wizards in the world.
    That is something that every sorceress would like to see, but it's not just that. The wizards leave magical objects for the wizards to be. The ones that will find those magical objects, will become a wizard, just like them. Laura decides that it will be good for her if she visits the abandoned castle and tries to find those hidden objects.


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    Midnight sorcery

    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 26,746
    Published on: 24.09.2021
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