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    Museum Enigmas
    Joan's new job is definitely very interesting. She is the new employee at the dinosaur museum. You can imagine what a unique work environment that is, right? You spend the whole day with dinosaurs! Okay, we mean with reconstructed dinosaurs, bones of real dinosaurs millions of years old, and various other prehistoric objects.
    However, as interesting as this job is, this is a new job for Joan and she is still not experienced enough in what she is doing. For her, everything that happens around is a big enigma. Each object has its exact position which is well marked, but even then it is difficult to locate that position for someone who is new here.
    This morning, Joan got a task from her boss, to find some particular items. In the afternoon, a group of students comes to visit the museum, which means that there will be a lot of people present, there will be a lot of work, and under all thosr conditions, everything should be in the best order.Let's see what Joan's job consists of and help her get everything right.


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    Museum Enigmas

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    Published on: 19.08.2023
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